Hi, I am Katalin de Jager. My adventures with allergies and special dietary needs started in 2012 on a lovely Sunday in the summer, when my 9 months old baby boy started to have spots all over his body. When else should it happen, but on a Sunday afternoon? So we went staight to the hospital, where they took a glance at him what the problem was. Later on we had an allergy test, which revealed allergies to egg and milk protein.

The little boy's first birthday was approaching. What should we have under the little candle? That time I could not find on the internet any cake-like thing, which had an appearance and suggested a good taste too. Then I found a bakery which made all sorts of free from cakes. Wow, that is it! I thought I have found the answer for my prayers about the cake. But looks can be deceiving. And they were. The cake looked nice, but it was awful. There was one family member, who had a second bite. I considered that a  heroic act, as all others gave up on the cake after the first bite.

This gave me the first boost to carry on looking for solutions. As I love baking, and as my boy could eat all other foods already and grew nicely, we could start mixing doughs and making mess in the kitchen together.

So as a first step we have found the solution for one challenge. When invited to a party or a gethering, we prepared our own sweet bites, always making sure that we had sufficient amout to offer for others too. But you are not supposed to bring your own food to a restaurant or cafe. So what should be done? Get a degree in baking and start to bake and sell free from goods. So that is what I did.

And why ‘Ez nekem jó!’ (That's good for me!)? Because my son always asked me this question, when someone offered him food. And now he knows that this is good for him.